Data Dojo Würzburg


Monthly meeting to do collaborative, hands-on data analytics training. We strive to be an open and inclusive community, everyone is welcome! We have a code of conduct that we adhere to.

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a student, researcher or practitioner from industry. Also all experience levels, backgrounds and tool preferences are welcome! As this event is supported by the ESF-ZDEX project, it is free of charge also if you are not a member of the University. See details below in the ESF-ZDEX section.

When and Where

On the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm online

See the current pad for details and zoom link.

Attention! We have not determined the perfect start time and duration, yet. So expect those to change from month to month until we settle for the time that works best for most participants. Furthermore, the Data Dojo starts as virtual only. We might move to a live format as soon as covid numbers allow it. Stay healthy!


2 h Example Process
15 min welcome, ice breaker
15 min initial exploration, questions
60 min analyze, coding-dojo-style (in small sub-groups)
30 min present results, recap

What is coding-dojo style?

We envision a process similar to the one described as RandoriKata but tailored towards data analysis rather than programming. So roughly:

Will the Data Dojo be in English or German?

The language of the session depends on the participants. Again we want to be as inclusive as possible. In case there are some participants who can’t speak English and others who can’t speak German we will split up into sub-groups early.


Each event we will analyze a different dataset. We might use different tools to address different questions about this data. You can add suggestions for datasets/questions/tools to the pad or look beforehand what others have suggested.

i Date Summary Pad Result
14 2022-07-14 TBD pad  
13 2022-06-09 Spotify Listening History pad result
12 2022-05-12 Spotify Listening History pad python, R, [kotlin]
11 2022-04-14 30DayChartChallenge (relationships - 3D) pad result
10 2022-03-10 German Federal Election and Demography pad result
9 2022-02-10 German Federal Election and Demography pad results: julia, python, R
8 2022-01-13 German Federal Election pad result
7 2021-12-09 Christmas Songs pad result
6 2021-11-09 Lemurs pad result
5 2021-10-14 Hourly Temperature in Würzburg pad result
4 2021-09-09 Hourly Temperature in Würzburg pad result
3 2021-08-12 UN Votes pad result
2 2021-07-08 Global Power Plant Database pad result
1 2021-06-10 Open Test Run, MarioKart Records pad result
0 2021-05-26 Test Run, Netflix Titles pad result



Data Dojo Würzburg is supported by the ESF ZDEX project. If your employer is already a partner in the ESF-ZDEX project, the only thing you need to do is: let Markus Ankenbrand know at the beginning of the event. He will take care of the administrative obligations (confirmation of attendance, questionaire for first time participants (only if it is your very first ESF ZDEX event)). If your company is not yet partner in the ESF-ZDEX project you can find more information and instructions for joining the network here. This offer is available, free of charge for small and medium sized companies in northern Bavaria. The only requirement is signing a cooperation agreement once. Markus Ankenbrand is happy to answer any questions you might have.



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